Liability Insurance Verification

By entrusting the management of your insurance liability certificates to Vendor Verify, you can realize several benefits to improve the efficiency of your company operations, including:

Decrease Management Costs

Our in house representatives specialize in managing vendor’s insurance certificates so the focus of management can be where it should be. As a property manager your attention is constantly moving from complete and proper oversight of tenants, to being interrupted by maintenance issues. The position of property management is in constant movement from one issue to the next. Our number one interest is in safeguarding those resources and creating a safe and secure environment.

Reduce Uninsured and Underinsured Exposure

Protection is necessary for all vendors regardless of the work completed, it is essential for each vendor to feel protected in the case of any incident. That is why we have laid out exactly what coverage of insurance is necessary for the work done on Cottonwood Residential properties. Whether you are a painter or a waste management company we have made managing your insurance certificates trouble-free, with our user friendly website and supportive staff.

Increase Corporate Control

Regulating how much liability one’s company must have is fundamental, if we are to provide a safe and secure work place.

Clients can also communicate with us in regard to any particularities. For example, if a specific insurance requirement is to be waived for a single vendor, we can update our records to indicate this unique arrangement and document the transaction.